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                      中文版  English
                      Contact Us
                      Gao jiankun / Cui jie
                      Address:138 Nantangqiao Road, Jingcun Town, Quanzhen Town, Tongxiang City
                      About Us
                      Zhejiang Yongsheng Furniture Co., Ltd. Is located in Zhouquan Town, Tongxiang City, northern Zhejiang Province. It lies on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the east, 320 National Highway in the south, 104 National Highway in the West and 318 National Highway in the north. Founded in 1968, after more than 30 years of struggle and development, our factory has become a production base of educational equipment with strong production capacity in Zhejiang. At the same time, the enterprise has been awarded the honorary titles of "Zhejiang AAA Credit Grade Enterprise", "Unit of Respecting Contract and Keeping Credit", "Advanced Enterprise of Transforming Township Enterprises in Jiaxing City" and "Tongxiang Civilized Unit".
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